Thai Rung Union Car Plc has long been established as a maker of auto body parts and a vehicle assembler. Originally founded as a limited partnership under the name Thai Engineering in 1967 by Mr. Vichien Phaoenchoke, its business success eventually led to become a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1994 under the current name, Thai Rung Union Car Public Company Limited.

For 50 years, this Thai-owned company has been a fully integrated and highly flexible operator in the automotive industry, quickly meeting customer demands that range from product design and development, through die and jig production and manufacture of metal and plastic auto parts and seats, to contract painting and assembly and the production of modified multi-purpose and special purpose vehicles, all based on the skills and capabilities of its Thai workforce and using advanced technology

At present, adapting our strategy in line with the continuous improvement of the Thai automotive industry, we focuses mainly on OEM parts, contract assembly and painting, and on expanding its market for parts and bodies to various regions around the world, as well as seeking alliances to expand its existing business and develop new ones. Furthermore, we have boosted our potential, both by continuously developing production processes and by applying innovative technology to the production process in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase future profits, as well as developing human resources to cater to the coming into force of the AEC and any other international trade and investment.