Founded in 1988, A leading processed food manufacturer in Thailand, Thai Market Agriculture Co., Ltd. supplies agricultural food products to both the Thai and Overseas markets for over 20 years. Our products include processed foods, dried, canned, and frozen fruits, particularly focusing on cashew nuts, pasta and tamarind paste.

Thai Market Agriculture Co., Ltd. distributes only the best products which are produced to international standards, to ensure that the high nutritional value of the food is retained in the finished product. We have a broad product selection, with a heavy emphasis on foods designed to appeal to both lovers of natural foods and gourmet shoppers. In addition, the company has earned recognition worldwide in the upper level market, both for quality and service. Presently, 25 percent of the company’s products are exported to Western Europe and the East Asian market.

Thai Market Agriculture Co., Ltd. is a private limited company with registered capital of US$700,000 and has total annual revenues of US$350,000. The total number of employees working at Thai Market Agriculture Co., Ltd. is 100, including five quality assurance staffs.